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Mittens With Thumbs For Children

In this tutorial you will learn how to knit Mittens with thumbs for children 2-3 years age, ideal for beginners, explained step by step. They're knitt

Saturday, 11:17 - 52 (52.00)


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Trousers For Babies

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to knit pants or trousers for babies, step by step. The pattern is written for 3-4 months age, it’s knitted flat, an

Saturday, 09:23 - 56 (56.00)


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Diagonal To The Right

An adorable knitting stitch for beginners. The "Diagonal to the Right" stitch is reversible, doesn't curl, has an amazing texture, and it's easy and f

Saturday, 09:18 - 55 (55.00)


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Bamboo Stitch

An easy Cowl knitting pattern, ideal for beginners. Knitted in Bamboo stitch (two steps and two-rows), is a great gift option for boys and girls. Clic

3 July, 12:36 - 41 (41.00)


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The Blanket Stitch

The Blanket stitch knitting pattern is ideal for beginners: A two-row repeat stitch, easy and quick to knit. Unisex, perfect for knitting a blanket, a

3 July, 12:34 - 27 (27.00)


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The Mock Rib Stitch

In this tutorial, you'll learn to knit the Mock Rib stitch: A two-row repeat pattern, it has a lovely texture to it, and it's easy and quick to knit,

2 July, 19:30 - 24 (23.99)


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In this tutorial you will learn how to knit a Witch/Wizard/Warlock Hat for Halloween, ideal for beginners, explained step by step. It's knitted flat a

Saturday, 11:19 - 95 (95.00)


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Newborn Mittens For Beginners

In this tutorial you will learn how to knit Newborn Mittens for beginners: An adorable and easy pattern, explained step by step. They're knitted flat

Saturday, 11:16 - 35 (35.00)


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Kid’S Cardigan

An adorable knitting pattern ideal for beginners: Learn to knit a Kid’s Cardigan, step by step. Knitted flat, the pattern comes in 3 sizes and it’s ea

Saturday, 09:20 - 41 (41.00)


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The Seersucker Stitch

The Seersucker stitch is a great combination of knits and purls, easy to knit, just a few steps to remember, ideal for beginners. It doesn't curl, so

Saturday, 09:18 - 16 (16.00)


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Easy Lace Stitch For Beginners

In today's tutorial, you'll learn a beautiful yet easy lace stitch, ideal for beginners. There are just two steps to remember, and it has only one row

3 July, 12:35 - 49 (49.00)


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A Clutch Bag In Herringbone Stitch

A great knitting project for beginners: A Clutch Bag in Herringbone stitch. In this tutorial, you'll also learn how to knit the bag using the yarn and

2 July, 19:32 - 46 (45.99)


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How To Knit The Spring Lace Stitch: For Your Next Seasonal Scarf

The Spring Lace stitch is a romantic pattern, ideal for knitting your next Autumn or Spring wrap/scarf. It looks complicated, however, it's a great op

Saturday, 11:18 - 71 (71.00)


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Cocoon For Newborn Babies

Today, we learn how to knit a Cocoon for newborn babies, step by step: An adorable knitting project, easy and quick to do, for your next baby shower e

Saturday, 09:55 - 36 (36.00)


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The Slouchy-Hipster Hat Pattern

A great accessory for Winter and fun to knit… The Slouchy-Hipster Hat Pattern is really easy to follow, designed for all the noobs of the knitting wor

Saturday, 09:19 - 45 (45.00)


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The Crossed Check

The Crossed Check knitting pattern is a great reason to learn how to cross stitches without using a cable needle. A great stitch for knitting scarves,

3 July, 12:37 - 67 (67.00)


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The Spine Stitch

In this tutorial you'll learn to knit the Spine stitch: Easy and quick to knit (only two rows and two steps to memorize). It's a crossed pattern, idea

3 July, 12:35 - 60 (60.00)


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Feather Rib Pattern

Today you'll learn to knit the Feather Rib pattern: A beautiful alternative to the traditional 2x2 Rib stitch. Easy and quick to knit (only two rows).

2 July, 19:30 - 51 (50.99)


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