Rapport of this pattern in width (according to the set-up chain) is 3VP; in the height the rapport is 3 rows.

The scheme will be later!

And if suddenly someone urgently write a description.

We collect the chain, in the 3rd loop from the hook we make 1 column without a crochet. Then we knit 3VP, on the chain we skip 2VP And in the 3rd again 1 single crochet. So we knit the 1st row - i.e. 3VP, one single crochet, again 3VP, and one single crochet ... at the end of this row, 2 single crochet should be knitted - make the last one, and in the next loop, knit another single crochet - the same as and at the beginning of this row, you make a single crochet in the 3rd loop, and just the same lifting stitches and replace the first single crochet.

2nd ROW - we make 3VP for lifting and under each arch of 3X air loops (which were in the 1st row), you need to knit 3 columns with one crochet (there are no air loops between the columns). At the end of this row, you need to knit one crochet column in the lifting loops of the lower row. It turns out that at the beginning of the row, the same lifting loop replaced one double crochet, respectively, the row also ends with one double crochet.

3rd ROW - 3VP for lifting and start making crossed columns - (as in this video), knit to the end of the row and again the row ends with a double crochet (as we started it).
Next, the rapport is repeated from the first row, i.e. then we make arches from 3 VP (I also managed to show this in this video).
What, it’s not clear if I wrote - ask ♡