hey friends welcome to the hey
youtube channel i'm back with another
sock tutorial
i want to teach you the finchley graft
the finchley graft is a way to finish
your sock toes if you've knit a sock
from the cuff down to the toe
you know that you have to finish it off
by weaving in your ends and closing that
in order to close the toe many sock
recommend the kitchener stitch it's a
very common
grafting method to bring together the
and bottom side of the sock and close up
your toes so your socks are ready to
wear but i'm going to teach you another
method called the finchley graft and
it's got a little bit of a trick to it
but i find it so much easier less steps
to remember
and it works beautifully for closing a
let's go finchley graft
so now i'm going to show you a very
quick tutorial
on a grafting method for
finishing off a top-down sock this
sock is from my pattern called
now and next it's a top-down pattern
that has you knitting until you have
12 stitches left on either side of the
foot and now they need to be grafted
to close that toe a typical method
of closing the toe is the kitchener
stitch you might be familiar
with the kitchener stitch to graph
these stitches and close them seamlessly
so that it looks like one continuous
row of knitting bringing these together
while the finchly graft allows you to do
that same method of joining
but it's done a bit differently and it
actually requires
a few less things to remember
a lot of people don't enjoy the
kitchener stitch because there are
different things that you have to do
every four stitches
in the finchley graft there are really
only a couple of steps you need to
now this is different in that it is
worked from the wrong side
right now you're looking at the right
side of this sock
the finchley graft will be worked from
the wrong side which in this case is the
purl side
so in order to turn my sock inside out
i'm working on a long circular needle so
going to pull the needle tips out of the
so that my stitches are resting just on
the cable
and i do that because i need to be able
to turn the sock inside out
and the easiest way for me to do that
while the sock is on the cable
is to push the body of the sock
while keeping the stitches kind of lined
and exposing the wrong side so now i can
all my purl stitches and the end of my
where i had finished off
by knitting and left a yarn tail i want
to bring that through as well
this is an extra yarn end if you're like
me you don't even your ends
all the time as you're working so tuck
that one out of the way the one you want
is the one that's associated with the
stitches on the needle
that's this one and you're going to need
of course your darning needle because we
are going to be grafting
now that my sock is inside out and you
can see the purl stitches
i've got my yarn tail here on the right
i'm going to just
thread that onto my darning needle
pull that through
once i have my yarn threaded onto
the darning needle i want to return the
to the needle ends to make them
easier to work and they won't be so
so here i have the stitches sitting on
the needle ends
so here's how you work the finchley
graft your yarn
starts out on this first stitch at what
i'm going to call the front or this
needle that's closest to you and you're
going to insert
your darning needle with the thread knit
wise into that front stitch
so imagine that you're you were going to
knit a stitch you're going to
push the needle through i'm calling that
knit wise on the front stitch and then
you're going to push the needle through
knit wise on the back stitch
so now that you've gone through both of
those stitches knit wise
front to back pull the back stitch off
so front to back pull the back stitch
and you can remain pretty loose with
this you can always tighten it up
afterwards you don't need to feel the
need to snug it up really tight
next step you're going to take
your darning needle and come through the
back stitch first
and let's call this purlwise from right
to left
and then through the front stitch also
so when you come through both stitches
toward the front
you guessed it you're going to pull the
front stitch off
that completes one full segment of the
finchley graft
so we're just going to repeat that all
the way across
through the front stitch knitwise
through the back stitch knitwise
once you've done that take one stitch
off at the back
then do the opposite come through a back
purlwise a front stitch
and pull a stitch off at the front so
wherever you
end up in the sequence that's the stitch
you remove
the last stitch that you work with
you're going to remove that off the
needle and we're going to continue our
across we're going to insert our darning
knitwise into the front stitch
knit wise into the back stitch
pull it through
and then we're going to move that back
off the needle just slide it off the
needle slight tug
next we come through the back stitch
through the front stitch purlwise
try not to let your threads get too
mixed up or caught up on your needles
and then we're going to slide the front
stitch off
once again knitwise through the front
knitwise through the back
slide off the back stitch
purlwise through the back
purlwise through the front
slide off the front stitch
once again maybe you're trying this with
on a sock that you're finishing
knit wise through the front knitwise
through the back
and then carefully slide off that back
in this stitch in this case my stitches
are different colors
all the way across it kind of makes it
easier for me to see what i'm doing
purlwise through the back
purlwise through the front
slide off the front stitch of course
it's okay to go slowly
if this is your first time trying it
remember that you can make adjustments
once you're done in terms of tightening
up your stitches
we're making a graph that's going to
look just like a knit row
when we turn this sock right side out
and with just two stitches left
on the needles we're just going to
complete the last
step in the process we had an even
number of stitches so i'm going to come
from the back
and go through the front stitch purlwise
and in this case both of those last two
stitches are going to come off the
and there you have it we've grafted
across this toe this time
from the wrong side
and it's convenient that your
yarn tail is now on the inside of your
sock because that's typically where you
would do your weaving in but
let's take a look how did we do on this
i'm going to turn this sock right side
it's off the needles now it's pretty
easy to do
you want to see how we did closing that
i turn it right side out and i'll show
our toe has been grafted
with what looks like a continuous series
of knit stitches
see that if i roll it over from the top
side to the bottom side
i've got a beautifully finished toe if i
wanted to
obviously if i feel like this
is too tight of a graft or even too
i would take my darning needle and go
back through and kind of
pull up on the stitches to loosen them
if that's what they needed
but i know from doing this that blocking
fixes everything
and so this toe is fine as it is
and once i weave in my ends it's ready
to wear
what do you think of that eventually
i love learning new things and i love
sharing them with you and i look forward
to seeing you again next time