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Corfu Basket Bag Crochet Pattern

One of the WIPs - Corfu Basket Bag crochet pattern. I made a lot of progress, and getting close to finishing it. Here you can see how to enclose yarn

23 April 2020, 21:25 - 3082 (3,081.99)


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πŸ˜‰ Climbing Vine Hat Crochet Pattern In 2 Colors.

Climbing Vine Hat crochet pattern in 2 colors. This pattern in one color is available via link in my bio, Hats page. Multicolored version is on hold

23 April 2020, 21:23 - 663 (662.99)


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I Am Joining Slip Stitch Rib Band πŸ™

I am joining slip stitch rib band to the bottom of my new project. My calculations for this particular one are to join 7 ribs (each 2 rows of slip sti

23 April 2020, 21:22 - 374 (373.99)


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🀣 Waistcoat Stitch By Rounds With Invisible Joining

Waistcoat stitch by rounds with invisible joining. See full video tutorial with instructions via link in profile, top of Home page or Tutorials or Fre

23 April 2020, 21:20 - 479 (478.99)


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Slip Stitch Is My Favorite Stitch For Bag Straps.

Slip stitch is my favorite stitch for bag straps. Here I am making one with Catona. I have a longer video for slip stitch rib on my website via link

23 April 2020, 21:24 - 2644 (2,643.99)


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πŸ‘ Short Demonstration Of Roseate Sweater

Short demonstration of Roseate Sweater. I’ve written instructions and made charts for the Medium size, and now adding 5 other sizes. It goes smoothly.

23 April 2020, 21:23 - 406 (405.99)


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Romanian Cord Quick Tutorial.

Romanian cord quick tutorial. I used it many times to make drawstrings for bags. Another example is the Polonaise Skirt crochet pattern. You’ll find

23 April 2020, 21:21 - 11932 (11,931.99)


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Crochet Foundation Cord πŸ’™

Crochet foundation cord. See full video via link in my profile, Home page. Click on photo or header. Also accessible via Tutorials page. Tail should

23 April 2020, 21:20 - 337 (336.99)


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Cross Stitch Single Crochet Vs Regular Single Crochet. πŸ‘

Cross stitch single crochet vs regular single crochet. Advantages: cross stitch single crochet is more defined, and less biased, which is huge since i

23 April 2020, 21:24 - 435 (434.99)


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One Of My Current Wips.

One of my current WIPs. Finally, cracked the code of slip stitch neck band. It took a few attempts to get rid of flare. I even finished one sleeve yes

23 April 2020, 21:22 - 457 (456.99)


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πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Double Crochet Fishbone Stitch With A Twist.

Double crochet fishbone stitch with a twist. I made a video on this stitch in December. It was at the beach and I was holding my phone between legs 🀣

23 April 2020, 21:21 - 345 (344.99)


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